Northern Indiana Repeater Group

K9DEW's Repeaters

Elkhart County, IN

(K9DEW, K9DEW-1)


146.640- MHz (PL141.3)

 EchoLink Node 645025 
 145.430- MHz (141.3)
 224.900- MHz (131.8)
 444.050+ MHz (CC 1) DMR
 Indiana Statewide Linked
 w/ AUXCOM region 5


144.390 MHz APRS I-Gate 


St. Joseph County, IN



147.330+ MHz (PL131.8)

442.050+ MHz (CC 1) DMR

Indiana Statewide Linked

w/ AUXCOM region 5


Kosciusko County, IN



146.985- MHz (PL141.3)

IRLP Node 4098


443.050+ MHz (PL141.3)

C4FM Auto/Auto












Elkhart, Indiana 70cm UHF Repeater

K9DEW 444.050 MHz DMR Digital Repeater has excellent range for UHF Digital. These Mototrbo repeaters are bringing some of the newest and advanced digital quality to Amateur Radio. The 444.050 MHz has an Indiana StateWide talk group that allows amateurs to talk across Indiana to the other DMR tied repeaters. Elkhart and Mishawaka DMR repeaters carry the Reg. 5 Auxcom Comm Homeland Security / FEMA talk group. 

K9DEW's Mishawaka, Elkhart local talk group are linked together with N9GPY Plymouth, Culver, and NT9M LaGrange DMR repeaters.

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